woollen mills 2021

“whats happening here really really matters”

Each year a site of significant historic, architectural or community interest is chosen as a case study with the potential of inspiring vibrancy in core districts

the metz 2020


Construction Specification Canada (CSC) Grand Valley and Toronto Chapters announced the winners of the 7th annual Student Design Competition as students returned to classes this fall. 

Congratulations Hope Braga & Leah Lorentz for taking first place in the 7th annual CSC Student Design Competition. The Interior Design students wowed a judging panel of design professionals with the "OKO Community Centre", their vision of an eco-innovative and interactive living community. In second place, "Studio X Art House" by Conestoga College students Alexis Vanleeuwen, Emilio Navarro & Jackie Cooper mingled heritage with technology to appeal to a millennium demographic. Architectural technology students from Georgian College, Joanne & Athena Coliviras took third place with "Envisual's The Metz"

See press release for details about the 2020 Challenge at 321 Courtland Avenue East in Kitchener.